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Gill_IsleofLewis Gill_beating480x640 Isle_Lewis_Doggy_Days01 Isle_Lewis_Doggy_Days02

Gill having a 'doggy' time on the wonderful Isle of Lewis at Soval lodge.

Gill out beating with her cocker Stacy

Shooting grouse on the wonderful Isle of Lewis at Soval lodge.

What a wonderful view when you wake up in the morning on the wonderful Isle of Lewis at Soval lodge.
Isle_Lewis_Doggy_Days03 Isle_Lewis_Doggy_Days04 Isle_Lewis_Doggy_Days05 Jeremy_Moss480x640

Catching up on their homework. Pre-trial training on partridge.

Gill with a promising young bitch out of Fern.

Gill and I doing some training with some young dogs.

Jeremy and Moss await their turn during a recent Open Stake.
Moss_Honeys_silverware_640x480 Moss_win_Duchy a_young_fern buckle_honey_stacy

The silverware won by Moss and Honey from their Open Stake wins this season 2014. Both are now F.T.Chs.

Moss wins his first Open Stake after having 3 seconds. He won the Duchy stake on ice and will now be trying for a second win to gain his F.T.Ch. title.

This is Fern when she was still a young dog of 10 months old.

Stacy the Cocker, Honey and Buckle.
championship_2013 chris__gill dogs_anglesey01web edgegrovesiredcompetitors2014championship

Jeremy about to go in for his first run at the 2013 Springer Championship with Fern, with Gill ,Larissa and Jorgen Anderson who came all the way from Sweden

Chris and Gill helping with pre-Championship training.

Early morning exercise pre trial in Anglesey, looking out across the Irish Sea . exercise pre trial in Anglesey, looking out across the Irish Sea .

Edgegrove sired dogs at the 2014 Championship. Left to right Eric Smith, Maurice Stanbury, Simon jones and Tom Phillips.
fern fern_03 fern_as_a_puppy fern_winning_wiltshire


Fern with more silverware.

Fern when she was still a puppy

Fern after she won the Wiltshire.
ferns_open_win gal_001 gal_002 gal_003

Ferns Open Stake win at the Usk Valley with judges Tony Gill and Paul Wilson.

Jeremy with a young dog.


Jeremy receiving DIP Merit in 1996 AV Championship at Windsor.
gal_004 gal_005 gal_006 gal_007

A very nice retrieve of a live duck durig my first trial.

Another Edgegrove training day.

Jeremy with a young Chris.

Championship at Snaigow 1994 with FTCH Highlands Lass of Edgegrove.
gal_008 gal_009 gal_011 gal_012

Jeremy talking with John Johnson at the Championship at Windsor 1996.

Training young dogs, including Laddie and Mac.

Training young dogs, including Laddie and Mac.

Running Missie under the watchful eye of Graham Evans in 1990.
gal_10 gill__fern gill_bella01 gill_buckle03web

Training young dogs, including Laddie and Mac.

Gill holding Fern after my first run at the Irish Championship. Jeremy probably talking.

A cold bright days training Gill and Bella in Yorkshire.

Gill with Buckle.
gill_buckle_01_480x640 gill_buckle_02_640x640 gill_fern_kevin gill_fern_moss

Gill with Buckle.

Gill with Buckle picking-up.

Gill with Fern and Moss.

Gill with Fern and Moss.
gill_fern_puppy gill_ferns_puppy_rhum gill_gemma_training_640x640 gill_moss_fern

Gill training a puppy from Fern's first litter.

Gill hunting Rhum - one of Fern's puppies from her first litter.

Gill training with Gemma.

Gill with Fern and Moss.
gill_taking_pheasant gill_terrier helen_gray honey_moss

Gill and Bella out on a walked up day.

Gill proving her skills of not only training a spaniel, but a terrier as well! Is this the start of the Edgegrove 'Rat Pack'?

Helen Gray who lives in the north of Scotland. Helen is the breeder of Fern & Moss.

Brother and sister - Both F.T.W's Honey and Moss. Moss has just returned from the hair stylist.
jeremy__tim_dennehy jeremy__tim_dennehy_02 jeremy_fern01web jeremy_gill_training_02_640x480

Jeremy still talking to Tim Dennehy.

Jeremy talking with Tim Dennehy at the Irish Championship while waiting for his first run with Fern.

Jeremy training in Yorkshire with Fern.

Jeremy and Gill training.
jeremy_grouse01web jeremy_moss jeremy_shooting jeremy_sweden2013_01web

Jeremy Grouse shooting in Yorkshire.

Moss at his first trial where he gained 2nd and guns choice with Andy Falkener. Moss who is a fantastic hunting machine.

A sunny winters day out shooting.

Judging the 2013 Swedish Championship.
jeremy_sweden2013_02web jeremy_sweden2013_03web jeremy_sweden2013_04web jeremy_sweden4702_jpg

Judging the 2013 Swedish Championship with Dave Rayner

Judging the 2013 Swedish Championship.

Judging the 2013 Swedish Championship.

Jeremy with Per and Lulu our Swedish friends.
jerermy_north_devon laddie__helen_grays_speckle oliver_organ pickingup_scotlandweb

Trailing FTW Arlebrook Jupiter of Edgegrove many years ago .

Laddie with Helen Gray's Speckle.

Jeremy's eldest son Oliver out training with a young bitch.

Gill and Jeremy picking up in Scotland .
rabbiting_in_scotland training_in_scotland training_session training_up_north

Shooting rabbits in Scotland.

A training day in Scotland.

Group training on a cold first day of summer at Edgegrove.

Jeremy and Gill training at the north of England.
wiltshire_open 2946_maple01 2948_maple02 3122_maple03

Laddie in an early season trial with Ian Flint.

Rothievale Maple of Edgegrove soon to attend her first trial.

Rothievale Maple of Edgegrove.

Rothievale Maple of Edgegrove with a fine retrieve of a cock pheasant.
3160_bella01 3297_bella02 9163_buckle03 9231_buckle01

This is Gill's first spaniel bitch "Bella" Alkidia Cinquefoil. There are high hopes for trial success soon.

Alkidia Cinquefoil coming in at speed with a lovely retrieve.

Fenway Woodchat is Gill's labrador and is a fine specimen of the breed with a lovely broad head.

Fenway Woodchat

Fenway Woodchat

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