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Gill winning novice with Whaupley Kaisa aka "Scruff"

Ginny winning the Yorkshire Sporting Spaniel Open Qualifier.
Her Third win in Open Stakes.

Grouce day in yorkshire with Gill, Karen and Loren


View from the grouse butt.

Stacey observing from outside the grouse butt

Jonathan South and Jeremy judging the Dove Valley novice cocker Season 2018/19

Gill stewarding at the Dove valley novice trial.

Gill with a youngster out training

Anne Imeland over from Sweden with her SFTCh bitch.

Oliver and Jeremy at Richard Preest's fund raising working test.

FTCh Mulraven Medlaress of Cindersash

FTW Whaupley Kaisa

Ian Flint, Karen Pinker, Gill and Jeremy at Badminton House
before a days shooting hosted by His Grace The Duke of Beaufort.

Poolgreen Grant

Crickmay Secret

Edgegrove Crumb

Edgegrove Tangle

Edgegrove Tori

Edgegrove Trapper

Edgegrove Val

Edgegrove Vantage

Edgegrove Viz

Gill Taining

Gill, Ollie and Jeremy taking a break at the 2018/19 Spaniel Championship
held at Baronscourt Northern Ireland.

Oliver and Jeremy collecting their diplomas of merit at the 2018/19
Spaniel Championship at Baronscourt Northern Ireland.
It’s been 29 yrs since a father son competed at the same Spaniel Championship

Gill and Jeremy at the spaniel championship

Jeremy handing a wounded pheasant to the judges at the spaniel championship

Jeremy making the Shooting Times

The Edgegrove silverware - Congratulations & well done

Popsheath Juniper

Open Ftw whaupley kiasa

Ftaw Edgegrove Trapper

Ftaw Edgegrove Tori

Ftch Mulraven Medlaress of Cindersash

Judging rabbit trial in Gotland sweden in September 2019 with
winner only right and 2nd on left the winner went onto win their championship

A group of swedes on a shooting training trip in October 2019
Morgan, Anne and Ulf

Karen pinker shooting on her birthday with gill and Crumb picking up January 2020

Gill Crumb and Jim picking up on Karen Pinker's birthday

Jeremy with Crumb and Jim on Karen Pinker's birthday shoot
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